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Steeped in the roots of Georgia moonshine, and refined by the tradition of Kentucky distilling, we set out to craft signature spirits that would redefine the boundaries of bold. Our 4 grain flagship product, Act 1 Clear Whiskey, boasts a high malt count that compliments the sweet and savory finishes of original Georgia whiskey reminiscent of the infamous post-American Revolution era.



Infamous Whiskey is not merely another spirits company. For the founders, it is a symbol of freedom, a catalyst for personal transformation, and a testament to the indomitable spirit that resides within each of us. Our mission is to share these legacies with our customers and to encourage you to also break free from the mundane and embrace a life defined by passion, authenticity, and a thirst for adventure.



Here's a true story... about a young Cali hip-hop artist turned master distiller. Lorenze Tremonti, or “LT” to his friends, met George Matuszek in 1994, and the pair quickly became close friends. George’s older brother, Mark, was a music producer at the time and they all embarked on a musical journey together, eventually adding a couple more cats to form the rap group TripleDeep.

The group released their first album in 1996 and again in ‘97, another in ‘99, and their last in ‘01 before the group disbanded and moved on. But friends LT and George still had plans to do something big. Ideas came and went, but nothing took root. Then tragically George passed in 2015 leaving LT devastated.

LT was down, but not out. You see, an artist is never truly satisfied unless they’re able to create something. So, from the ashes of tragedy, LT pressed on in search of an art he was passionate about. Serendipitously, it was around this time that he reconnected with George's older brother and former TripleDeep member, Mark Matuszek (or "Double M" as he was formerly known). 


LT had already been dabbling in distilling whiskey but in the first year of their renewed friendship, Mark introduced LT to the world of bourbon whiskey. After attending the Orlando Whiskey Festival, a whiskey tasting and fundraising event co-founded by none other than Mark, a new passion for distilling was born in LT.

LT boldly began experimenting and honing his craft year after year. He refined his techniques, spoke with industry professionals, upgraded his equipment, and meticulously documented every step of the journey. Before long, he had masterfully concocted a remarkably balanced clear whiskey—a testament to his unwavering dedication and craftsmanship.


From hip-hop to hooch, this journey was always meant to be shared with George; so LT did what best friends do and named the company after George using his TripleDeep alias "Infamous." Thus, Infamous Whiskey was born.


Everything about Infamous Whiskey comes from the heart and soul. We operate out of the passion to create! From the branding to the juice, our team exudes extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship. With infectious energy, the team at Infamous Whiskey aims to forge an indelible mark on the world of spirits.



Master distiller and CEO, Lorenze “LT” Tremonti, draws on his innate creativity and his experience and passion as a craft distiller to successfully produce bold and sophisticated spirits. The original product line trio stands out in a crowd owing to their unique, distinct, and rich flavor profiles. Act 1 Clear Whiskey, the company’s flagship product, showcases Tremonti’s craft mastery in its signature blend of  all-natural, double-distilled, 4 grain, Georgia high malt whiskey.

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